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Fourth Block

Advanced Technical Theatre

Mr. Dills can be reached at or 678-713-4557

WEEK OF MARCH 23-27, 2020

Students are expected to complete each assignment/portion of project for each day of the week.

We have a guest speaker via Zoom each day this week @ 2pm!

Click HERE for information on who will be joining us and how you can participate.

This week you will learn more about what a prop master does and how they contribute to the process of producing a theatrical production.  You will read a short play, mark what props are needed for the play, make a props list, then practice laying out a 2D prop table.

Who is a Props Master? What Does a Props Master Do?

Click the Links below to explore these questions. Props Page


Eric Hart's Prop Agenda Page

Eric Hart has written many books on props.

He is the foremost and go to props expert in theatre.

His books and website are an amazing resource

How To Be A Great Prop Master

March 23 -24

  1. Watch the video below about working as a Props Master

  2. Answer the question on the form about the video.  Due by 11:59pm on Monday March 23.

  3. Download and Read The Worker by Walter Wykes

  4. Print the script if you are able to.  This will help you to mark the script for all props needed for this play.

  5. Highlight/Mark/Underline all props mentioned or used in the play.  Be sure and make notes on any specifics about the items, what characters say about the items, where the items are stored/come from, and what characters handle them.

March 25-26 

You are going to create a prop list for The Worker.  A prop list is far more than a bullet list of items.  A prop list needs to be the go to document for the creative team of a production.  The list should provide any and all information that is needed to be known for all props and scenic pieces (i.e. furniture) that is needed for the production.


Below you will find a sample props list PDF for Paradise Blue by Dominique Morisseau that was created for True Colors Theatre Company.  You will also find a blank Spreadsheet (Excell & Google Sheets) for you to use as a template to create your props list for The Worker.

Paradise Blue Props List Examples

Props List Templates

Friday March 27

Now that you have practiced creating a props list.  Let us practice creating and laying out a prop table!

Below you will find link(s) to worksheets to create your own 2D Prop Table.  Download and complete each page of the worksheets.  Once you have completed your 2D prop table take a picture of it and upload it using the form link below.


Examples of props tables, seen backstage. Notice how each props is placed neatly on the table, clearly labeled, and separated by a bold line (in these examples this line is made with spike tape).