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Technical Theatre

Mr. Dills can be reached at or 678-713-4557

WEEK OF April 27-May 1, 2020

Students are expected to complete the assignment and/or activity for the day and, if there is a submission button, to click the button and fill out/submit the completed form for that day.


As per Cobb County guidelines, classes are only meeting Monday-Thursday and exercises/activities will reflect this.  Friday is to serve as an evaluation day to gauge student learning and to be available for office hours and questions.

Each day at 2pm, including Friday, there will a Zoom session where industry professionals continue to join us.  Check out the line-up HERE and join us for some exciting and interesting discussions.


This week we will continue to explore scenic painting.  Watch each video posted and complete the google form questions for the week.

Weekly Enrichment Video

The Joys of Scenic Painting

Created by Katie Brunberg @ Annandale High School

Video Section Time Code:

Click on the sections listed below to skip to specific sections of the video.


The Basics — 0:00

Brush Maintenance — 2:28

Sponges — 3:57

Brushes — 6:23

Other Tools — 9:01

What is paint made up of? — 10:05

Set-Up — 11:45

Bricks — 13:20

Marble — 29:33

Stone — 39:45

Wood — 48:10

Cleaning — 57:10

Weekly Google Form Questions

(Due Friday, May 1 by 11:59pm)

Complete this google form of questions based on the scenic painting videos.



 Everyday @ 2pm* we have an industry professional joining us to talk about their career and what it takes to be successful in the arts/entertainment industry.

Check out our EXCITING guests HERE 

*The 2pm time might change, verify all speaker times on the guest speaker info page.