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Romeo and Juliet
Hillgrove Theatre's Acting Class takes on Shakespeare. We take you to the city of Verona to discover two brawling families that cannot be stopped: the Capulets and Montagues. A group of the Montague household decide to crash the Capulet's masquerade party, and one of the men falls in love with a maiden- sounds great, right? Except, there's a problem: she is a Capulet. Will this love conquer all? Will the fight between the families end? You'll have to come see Hillgrove Theatre's production to find out.

R Cast

Romeo- Ethan Price

Juliet- Sammy Measle

Chorus- Faith Udom

Escalus- Nick Taylor

Paris- Mabel Padilla

Montague- Michael Shellman

Capulet- James Davis

Tybalt- Chanye Dunning

Mercutio- Brianna Kahn

Benvolio- Peyton True

Friar Lawrence- Lauryn Pruitt

Friar John, Abram- Veronica Mitchell

Balthasar- Gracelyn Nguyen

Sampson- Maggie Wilson

Gregory- Korie Pillow

Lady Montague- Julie Ewert

Lady Capulet- Lauren Jones

Apothecary- Shania Lee

Nurse- Lily Fine

Cast J

Romeo- Jalen Davidson

Juliet- Nahir Cavaleri

Chorus- Shariah Allah

Escalus- Caroline Caden

Paris- Rose Wright

Montague- Timmy Faderin

Capulet- Gordon Bollig

Tybalt- Ava Aghai

Mercutio- Marley Graham

Benvolio- Michaela Lumpert

Friar Lawrence- Ni'aijia Johnson

Friar John, Abram- Mikayla Oberlton

Balthasar- Olivia Soullier

Sampson- Maggie Wilson

Gregory- Korie Pillow

Lady Montague- Ashley Hulsey

Lady Capulet- Katie Dunn

Apothecary- Shania Lee

Nurse- Anna Faith Adair

Show Dates
December 3rd at 7pm (J cast)
December 4th at 7pm (R cast)
December 5th at 2:30pm (R cast)
December 5th at 7pm (J cast)
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