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Thespian Officers 2022-23

Any questions? Ask our officers about drama club or thespian society.

Chaynah "Rem" Remy

Rem is a Senior this year and is going into their second year of officer work for Hillgrove Drama. Being involved in Hawkfest, setting up for drama club and thespian meetings and things of that nature will give them the tools necessary to help their fellow officers and watch the department grow!


Celine Vo


Celine is a senior, and this will be her fifth year doing theater. She loves performing, but she has many creative outlets and hobbies such as painting and photography. Celine is also a flutist in Hillgrove’s Wind Symphony.

Luke Williams


Luke Williams is a senior and newly inducted thespian officer! He is a part of our school's marching band, jazz band, beta club, and Tri-M music honors society.  He’s so excited that theater is back up and running after covid and can’t wait to see what happens this school year!

Raquel Tovar


Raquel is a junior. She enjoys doing both technical and musical theater. Outside of theater, she is a competitive dancer. Raquel has danced since she was three years old and performed in several community theater groups.

Nicole Johnson


Nicole has been doing theater since she was in the sixth grade and she is so excited to be an officer this year and to get more involved in the department! Along with theater, she is also in Hillgrove's Mastery Orchestra, Beta Club, and outside of school she is a part of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential's Youth Advisory Council. She is looking forward to collaborating with the other officers and hopes to make a positive impact on Troupe 7190.

Ava Mollohan


Ava is a  senior and has participated in theater for the past 10 years. It’s incredibly meaningful and special to her and she’s so excited for her final year at Hillgrove!! 

Mission Statement

We the Hillgrove Drama Department Officers promote to hold to the standard of excellence through a community of encouragement, respect, and trust. As the 2022-23 Department Officers, our goal is to promote growth in all individuals, regardless of experience.

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