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Third Block - Tech Theatre 1

Costume Design Fashion Project


Date Assigned:

Monday, March 16

Due Dates:

Research of Time Period/Visual Storyboard - Friday, March 20 by 11:59pm

Costume Character Drawings - Friday, March 27 by 11:59pm

Important things to note about project:


1.  Each student should choose one time period decade from the list on the project outline PDF and all images & research should visually represent that period of time.


2.  Students should create a slide presentation of some sort.  This can be done using Google slides or Microsoft Powerpoint.  There is no poster board of paper in the presentation, it is all digital.  Presentations must include all the images and visual research listed in the project PDF and should be in color, labeled, and professional looking.

3.  Costume drawings should be drawn on a printed out fashion figure that is provided in the Fashion Figures PDF.  Examples will be uploaded for student viewing.  Drawings should be completed in color (i.e. colored pencils, crayons, markers) and be neat.  This is not about how good they are drawn but that the student has made an effort to convey clothing fashion of the time period.

4.  If students have questions about or problems completing the portions of the project assigned, they should not wait until the day before it is due to ask them.  Email Mr. Dills at


100 Years of Fashion

Presented in Animated GIFs


Which decade interests you?  Pick one and explore what makes it unique!