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Spring Musical Cast




Thank you all for auditioning. 

When we return after break if you would like to discuss YOUR audition, schedule a time to come to the drama room and we will discuss it.


Please click the link below to accept or not accept your part



Rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 3:45 - 5:45


*Mandatory Parent meeting on January 9th at 6pm*


Cast meeting January 11th

Cast Contracts and full schedule will be released at that time


First rehearsal January 16th

Cady - Iliana Barber

Regina - Audrey Jasper

Janis - Ryleigh Tuohy 

Damian - Harrison Daves

Gretchen - Vibel Nakande 

Karen - Nabilah Sherman

Aaron - Will Dyer

Kevin G. - Malcolm Thoms

Ms. Norbury - Ansley Reeves

Mrs. George - Josie Dover

Mr. Heron/Mr. Duvall/Mr. Buck/Coach Carr - Jacob Misner

Mrs. Heron - Alaina Brenneman

Taylor - Raquel Tovar

Caitlyn - Lauren Fullwood

Rachel - Jocelyn Williamson

Sonja - Madison Parkmond 

Dawn - Ama Conteh

Lizzie - Amaya Olivera

Sophie - Chloe Canady 

Grace - Neema Mapson



Noah Arrington

Jacob Frazer

Timothy Kemp

Nuno Melo

Ali Thoms 

Brennan Rust 

Aamir Cloud 


Ivana Uhurebor 

Evey Stallings

Maria Clare

Kessler Kunkel 

Abigail Tavolaro

Ciara Grindstaff

 Allie Reeves

Abbie Ledford

Oluomachi Okeiyi

Mila Czarnobai

Kierstin Grider

Olivia Smartt


Emmalin Parker

Braelyn Styles

Roles that will be assigned at a later time

French Teacher - Maria Clare

Jason - Nuno Melo

Glen Coco - Timothy Kemp

Shane - Brennan Rust

Tyler/Martin - Jacob Frazer

Teary Girl - Allie Reeves

Mathlete Moderator - Jacob Misner

Marymount 1 - Noah Arrington

Marymount 2 - Nuno Melo

Caroline - Kierstin Grider

Marymount Captain  - Olivia Smartt

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