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Winter Musical Cast List

Here is the cast list. There are still a few groups that we may add to here and there and I haven't assigned the winged monkeys yet but for the rest, congratulations!  For those not the four principle characters, you will be ensemble as much as possible as well.  I'm very excited about this show and I hope you are as well.  


In order of Appearence

Aunt em – Zoe Marten


Dorothy – Nabilah Sherman, Kiersten Grider- US


Uncle Henry – Will Dyer


Munchkins - Ensemble


Addaperle – Madison Parkmond


Yellow Brick Road: Audrey Jasper, Illiana Barber, Raquel Tovar, Jaclyn Spears


Scarecrow – Miles Griffith, Maria Clare - US


Crows – Zoe Truchan, Sylvia Hultberg, Zaria Flowers, Noah Arrington, Eva Long


Tinman – Camryn Cade


Lion – Harrison Daves – Lauren Fullwood - US


Kalidahs – Will Dyer, Zaria Flowers, Inaya Christmas, Maria Clare, Eve Stallings


Poppies - Jaclyn Spears, Raquel Tovar, Iliana Barber, Neema Mapson, Kiersten Grider, Eva Long, Ivana Uhurebor, Lily Umunnakwe, Emily Soto-Castro


Field Mice – Jacob Frazer, Mia Houston


Gatekeeper – Alex Moyano


Emerald City Citizens - Ensemble


The Wiz – Ama Conteh


Evillene – Vibel Nakande


Lord High Underling – Areiya Goodman-Forrest


Soldier Messenger – Jet Teren


Winged Monkey -


Winkies – Ensemble


Glinda – Jailah Shepherd

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