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Welcome Back!!!  Alright, we are full steam ahead on finishing out our film project.  Get your popcorn ready and settle in for our Fantastic Film Festival!  It will take place today and tomorrow at 4pm.  I will send out a zoom code on remind and I will push out each film via the zoom share screen so you all can see and hear together.  After each film we will have a short discussion/q&a.  You guys did an amazing job and I can't wait to share these Fantastic Films! 

Monday 3/16/20

Your major project for the next two weeks is to create a film.  You can use any recording device available, ie: iphone, ipad, android phone, tablet, laptop, camera, video camera, etc.

First step is to make an outline of your story.

Use whatever method of outlining you like but remember your story should have a beginning, middle and end.  Don't worry about details yet just get down the basics: Characters, environments, conflict, resolution. Monday's assignment will be the story outline.  Submit it HERE.


Tuesday 3/17/20 & Wednesday 3/18/20


Spend these next two days working on a first draft script.  Here is a good example of script formatting. 

















or you can try more of a traditional

screenplay format


When you are done with the first

draft, submit it HERE.

Thursday 3/19/20 & Friday 3/20/20

Finish your script and start to work on a storyboard to set up your potential shots.  Here are the different types of shots you could try: Types of Shots or This

Here's an example of a storyboard:


















You can draw a storyboard just with stick figures or if you are feeling a little more creative you can try this site... 

Submit your storyboard HERE


Friday 3/20/20

I know that the storyboard is due today. You all have been working hard on these assignments and I'm very excited to see them realized.  For today, take a step back from it and let's do a digital performance Friday!  Record yourself doing some kind of performance and upload it here. Please make sure it's a performance you would be ok with your parents watching.


I will put them all into a private youtube playlist and share it with you.

Make sure to have it done by 1:00pm.  

I will check off the storyboards on Monday.

Monday 3/23/20

Back to the grind.  Given our Performance Friday detour on Friday, the storyboards to your films are due today by 11:59.  See the submission button above.

The assignment today is to scout locations and come up with a shot order.  Given your limited choices, this shouldn't take very long. Submit your locations and shot order here. 




The easiest is to type it up on word or google or even your phone and create a document to send from there.  If you want to continue, move on to Tuesday.

Tuesday 3/24/20 & Wednesday 3/25/20

Principle Photography - Now all of your pre-planning work starts to pay off.  Use your previous documents to begin principle shots.  If you have created a detailed shot schedule, just go down the list and get all of your footage "in the can."  Be aware of lighting and ambient sound (Keep the room as quiet as possible for shots and use natural light when you can).  Most of you won't have extensive editing capabilities so keep it tight (meaning, don't do a lot of takes, try to get it in one) .  This is gorilla film making here.  Remember to keep it simple, it's not meant to be academy award winning but do your best.

Don't try to send me raw footage.  It will crash my computer if everyone is sending me 1080p film clips.  If you want to post stuff on a private youtube or just send me a link from a google folder that's fine.  I can go over what you have, give you suggestions on cuts, shot angles, sound, lighting, content, etc.  

Thursday 3/26/20 & Friday 3/27/20

Editing -Now that you have all of your principle photography, you have to edit it into a story line complete with scene cuts, titles, any added music for underscore or transitions.  The first step is figure out what editing software you want to use. Most iPhones come with iMovie or androids come with some sort of editing software.  You can always download an app and there are some pretty good ones.  Do some research and see which one you like (Splice looked pretty good and has free music and sound fx built in)

The same goes for computers.  Most have some kind of program built in but you can explore getting something new.  

Next step - get your shots into the order you want and edit them to tell your story.

-Add any music, voice overs, sfx, titles, etc. that you need

-Finalize it into a finished product.

-Create an unlisted youtube with the finished film and send me the link by Sunday evening on Remind.  Once they are all uploaded I will place them into a youtube playlist and send you the link to be able to see all of them.  

If we are back in school the week before spring break, we will have a film festival in class.

Friday 3/20/20

I know that the completed films are due by the end of the weekend. You all have been working hard on these assignments and I'm very excited to see the final product.  For today, let's do another digital performance Friday!  It worked pretty well last time so let's make it even more diverse this time.  Remember, performance isn't only about singing.  You can read some poetry, recreate your favorite movie scene, play an instrument, do some magic, etc.  Record yourself doing some kind of performance and upload it here. Please make sure it's a performance you would be ok with your parents watching.



I will put them all into a private youtube playlist and share it with you.

Make sure to have it done by 4:00pm.  

I will be checking films as they come in and giving feedback.

Monday 3/30/20

Join me for a zoom class this morning at 11:00am.  Check the remind for the zoom code.  Everyone try to be there.  We will be going over plans for this week and what's next...

Tuesday 3/31/20 - Thursday 4/2/20

If you weren't able to join us yesterday on our zoom meeting, we are going to go ahead with our preparations for the 10 minute plays. 


- If you are a senior and you want to direct at play, please submit a title for my approval by Thursday. You can send me the title or a link on remind.

- If you are acting in the 10 minute plays, please prepare an audition monologue, minute or less, and record it, upload it to youtube and share the link with me.  I will compile the videos and share them with the directors so we can begin the casting process.

-Once the plays are cast, your director will have a separate meeting with your cast to set up an online digital rehearsal schedule.  

First and foremost, get your monologue in by Thursday.  Remember these directors have not seen your audition monologues so if you want to do something you've already done for me, that's fine.  Just make sure what ever you choose is a strong choice for you.  You want this monologue to show off what you do best.

Monday 4/20/20 - Thursday 4/23/20

After going the multitude of responses from the questionnaire I sent I will be contacting individuals who want practical acting work (ie: scenes, audition material, etc.) 

For the rest of you there are two activities you can participate in.

1. Each day we have our special guest artists zoom q&a's with professional theatre artists from around the country.  It has been some incredible discussions and we would love to have you join us.  Zoom id and passwords are sent each day to the remind but you can get much more specific info here.

The guests continue! See who @ This will be the last message to everyone. For updates join

2. I will be scheduling showings of live theatre throughout the week followed by a discussion about the work.  I will send links to those showings through remind.  First up will be an exciting retelling of Frank L. Baum's tinman character in the "The Woodsman".


Monday 5/4/20 - Thursday 5/7/20

We're continuing this week with out cornucopia of Special Guest Artists on our daily zoom meeting.  Join us this week for some very exciting artists including Bob the Drag Queen, winner or Ru Paul's "Drag Race", as well as professional stage and screen actress, Courtney Patterson. For the full line up go HERE!

The guests continue! See who @ For updates join

I'm also continuing my live theatre at home series this week. This week we will be watching "Frankenstein" starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, live from the National Theatre in London as well as a classic broadway musical!


Monday 5/11/20 - Thursday 5/14/20

Welcome to the last full week of the year!!!  Join us this week for some very exciting artists including stage/film/TV actor, Brandon O'Dell on Friday as well as a whole host of great professional artists! For the full line up go HERE!

The guests continue! See who @ For updates join

I'm also continuing my live theatre at home series this week. We're going to start out this week with the fantastic stage production and family favorite, Peter Pan on Monday at 4:00pm.  Check the remind for the code to join.

And remember we have two exciting virtual events this week:

Wednesday May 13th, 6:00 pm - Virtual Musical Theatre Workshop

Saturday May 16th at 6:00pm - Virtual End of the Year Banquet 

Zoom id and password to follow


Monday 4/13/20 & Tuesday 4/14/20